In order to submit your work, you will have to create first your e-poster according to the following instructions for its correct view on the touch screens provided during the Congress.
• You must create your e-poster in the PowerPoint template provided (maximum 7 slides in addition to the title slide).
• Audio and videos may not be included in the e-poster.
• After creating your e-poster in PowerPoint, you must save it in ppt format (or pptx if you use Office 2007 or later version).
• Name of the file: Number of the e-poster.
• press "add files", then select the file and press "start"

Add files...


  • Select letters with1-2colours contrasting with the background of the slide (e.g. background light and dark letters or vice versa).
  • Use fonts (typography):Arial, Tahoma, Verdana,in order to allow a proper reading.
  • Do not use a letter size of less than 14 pts. on text so their data can be viewed correctly (exceptfor figure legends, tables, and references: minimum 12pts.).
  • For section titles a font size of 24 pts. should be used.
  • Include only good quality images (highresolution->6mpx, adequate sharpness, etc.).
  • The e-poster should include the following sections: Objective/hypothesis; Materials and Methods; Results; and Summery Points.
  • Use short sentences, avoid (if possible) long paragraphs.
  • Remember:images can be magnified by 50% with the touch screen. Take this into account to save space on the slide.This requires that the images have a high resolution.
  • The title of the study, complete authors, institution and country should only be included in the first slide.
  • First author should be mentioned in the next all slides in the upper left corner (size: 14pts.)
  • Numbers of References: up to 5.